About Innovative Marketing

Since 1978

Since 1978 Innovative Marketing has been a full-service marketing and advertising agency. We believe that partnering with our clients is the future!  

We take pride in our work, striving to create the most effective marketing campaigns for our clients. Our knowledge and expertise enable to give your brand the image to be successful.  

Critical thinking for marketers is essential. IM creates marketing campaigns for our clients that give users an engaging, innovative and insightful experience.  

Every brand is different, but all share one thing in common: the need to connect to each member of your audience. For your brand to stand out, it has to be remarkable, unique, and engaging. To build brands you must get into the minds of the customer and create an emotional connection, creating interest and motivate them to action. You have but a few seconds to create the spark, so be concise, unique, and powerful.  

Getting that initial attention is difficult, building relationships is even more of a challenge. The power of marketing provides a place to further your brand-customer relationship. Marketing is about creating consumer led movements, gaining their trust and influencing their behavior. We must engage them where they are.  

Let's ensure that when customers look for you and what you do, they find you. Advertising needs to be a part of something bigger, something complete. It seems that many business owners have marketing ideas but are so busy running their business, their ideas get lost. Now you have an agency to focus on your marketing. We will be your marketing team. Benefit from our experience. Our history of clients is varied and includes; hospitality, automotive, nonprofits, real estate developers and brokers, wholesale and retail distributors, custom home furnishings and more. 

We will focus on your business as if our existence depends on it. Because it does.