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Innovative Marketing brings the world of ideas to you. For select clients, we offer this Client Portal for apparel designed to meet you marketing and branding needs.

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Current and Past Customers

Here is a list of some of our Current and Past customers:

ABM, Autoplex Car Wash, Beach Resort Monterey, Big Sur Lodge, Carmel Mission Inn, CommAir, Crystal Geyser Water Co., Dipsea Race, Hawaii Truck Upfitters, Highlands Inn, Hotel Pacific, Hyundai Honolulu, Infiniti of Hawaii, King Windward Nissan, Opera Plaza Developers, Preston’s Candy, Rodney Hunter Furniture, Sausalito On The Waterfront Foundation, Servco Autos, Skadden Arps, Spindrift Inn, Subaru of Hawaii, SWVP Monterey LLC, Tiburon Lodge, Tony Group Autoplex, Tri-Commercial Realtors, WESCO, Windward Auto